The Ultimate Guide to JCH Roll Forming Machines

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Jiaochi roll forming machine is a kind of equipment used for metal processing, which forms the required metal products through roll pressing.

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If you are in the market for a high-quality roll forming machine, look no further than the JCH roll forming machine. With its advanced technology and innovative design, the JCH roll forming machine is the perfect solution for all your metal forming needs.

What sets JCH cold roll forming machines apart from the competition is their precision engineering and unparalleled performance. The machine's ability to produce high-quality and precise metal products with ease makes it the first choice of fabricators and fabricators around the world.

One of the main features of JCH roll forming machines is their versatility. Whether you need to produce roof panels, wall cladding or custom profiles, this machine can meet your needs. Its modular design allows for quick and easy tool changes, making it an ideal solution for low-volume production or quick turnaround times.

In addition to their versatility, JCH cold roll forming machines offer a high level of automation. This means you can significantly reduce labor costs and increase the efficiency of your production process. With automated controls and precision measurement systems, you can trust that every product that comes off the line will meet your exact specifications.

Another advantage of JCH roll forming machines is their durability and reliability. The machine is built with high-quality materials and components and is designed to withstand harsh production environments. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your JCH roll forming machine to provide consistent performance for years to come.

In terms of safety, JCH roll forming machines are designed with operator protection in mind. From safety guards to emergency stop systems, you can rest assured knowing your operators are protected while the machine is running.

In addition, JCH roll forming machines are backed by a dedicated support team. From installation and training to maintenance and troubleshooting, you can rely on the expertise of the JCH team to keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently.

All in all, JCH roll forming machines are the ultimate solution for builders and fabricators who need a high-quality, reliable metal forming machine. Its precision engineering, versatility, automation, durability and safety features make it an outstanding choice in the market. Whether you are looking to increase production capacity, improve product quality or reduce labor costs, a JCH roll forming machine is the perfect investment for your business.



Raw material PPGI/GI/PPGL/GL
Material thickness 0.4-1mm
Feeding width/coil width 1000mm


Roller stations 20 stations
Shaft diameter 75mm
Shafte material 45# steel with Hard chrome plating
Roller material 45# steel with hard chrome coating
dimension 8600*1500*1300mm
weight 5500kg
color customize
Forming speed 0-20m/min
Driving mode Motor drive, chain drive
Middle plate thickness 16mm
Main frame 350mm H-Beam


Cutter material Cr12 with hard treatment
Cutting method Hydraulic cutting
Cutting Tolerance ± 1mm
Main power 5.5kw*2
Pump power 4kw
voltage 400v+-5%,50Hz,3phrase(as the customer’s requests)
PLC brand Delta PLC

Control system

Language English ,Chinese
Operation Manual

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