ZKRFM Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Short Description:

Used to produce metal roofing and wall panels, it has two sets of rollers to produce different types of metal panels at the same time.

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Formed Material


Thickness:0.3-0.8 mm


Hydraulic decoiler

Manual decoiler(will give you as free)

Main body

Roller station

18rows(As your requirement)

Diameter of shaft

75mm solid shaft

Material of rollers

45#, hard chrome plated on the surface

Machine body frame

300H steel


Double Chain transmission


About 6X1.3X1.5


About 5ton



cr12mov material, no scratches, no deformation


Main Power

7.5*2KW or As your requirement


380V 50Hz 3Phase

As your requirement

Control system

Electric Box

Customized(famous brand)


English(Support multiple languages)


Automatic production of the whole machine. Can set batch, length, quantity, etc.

Forming Speed


The speed depends on the shape of the tile and the thickness of the material.

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Electrohydraulic cut-off

The Electrohydraulic cut-off on our roll forming machine efficiently and precisely trims metal sheets, ensuring clean and accurate cuts, enhancing production quality, and streamlining your manufacturing process.

Hand wheel feed platform

The Hand Wheel Feed Platform is an essential component of our roll forming machine, allowing users precise control over material feeding, ensuring accurate and efficient production processes.

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Chrome treated shaft and wheel

The Chrome-treated shaft and wheel for our roll forming machine ensure exceptional durability and smooth operation. The chrome coating enhances resistance to wear and corrosion, prolonging the machine's lifespan and maintaining consistent performance.

High strength top screws

High-strength top screws are crucial components in a roll forming machine, providing unparalleled stability and precision, ensuring flawless metal sheet shaping for our customers' manufacturing processes.

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Electric machine

The Electric Machine is an integral component of our roll forming machine, providing precise and efficient power to shape and transform materials, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the manufacturing process.

1 inch chain

The 1-inch chain is an essential component of our roll forming machine, ensuring smooth and precise material feeding. Its robust
design and reliability guarantee consistent production quality.

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